Foldable Glazed Balcony

Let's your balcony gives-you service in four seasons and Let's removes-it frame from your eyes!

Foldable Glazed Balcony's Advantages :

1. You can use your balcony and terrace throughout all the years.
2. Easy cleaning from inside.
3. Your balcony or office will be protect from dirty&filthiness which is arised from exterior factors.
4. During the glasses casements are opened it's not indispensability to wiping-up the glass,because of the exterior facing coming to interieur part.
5. Your balcony or office will be safety & security with our system.
6. Your balcony or office will be previous situation ,because of our glazed system is folding.
7. It's possible to make glazing anyhow your balcony or office's design.
8. Your buildings will be more aesthetic and beautiful views with our foldable Glazed Balcony.
9. It's suitable to improve of the laws of land(Public regulations).
10. The glasses can open according to the request to right/left sides or each both sides.
11. The value of your Real Estate will be raise.
12. The usage is more easy and practical according to all other Balcony Closing Systems.
13. It's provides heat control and noise control insulations.
14. The system is working on the rails with bearing's actions.
15. It's more easy to open & close-up.
16. It's more safety system against to theft.
17. The view never lose face because of the profiles are not exist at the connection points of the glasses.

Technical Specifications:

We are using in our system with 8mm.Thickness tempered glass because of the glasses are hardly brakes and shockproof under outside action.The best fit of the casement is 45-75 cm.Which is prepared like these glasses are using very easy on this way.Our glasses are avaible 4 selections colours. These are: Green,Bronze,Fume and Satandart transparent glass.

Which are using profiles are producing with 2,5 mm.Thickness aluminium materials,painted with electrostatic epoxy powder coated and this system provides to coated with paint application to inside of aluminium.The profiles colours are available approx.250 pcs.Selections and also 15 different wooden decorated designs.

Our mainly accessory is 1st.quality of transparent cord to use insulation between the glass.Which is using double bearings and top/bottom sides of locks,etc..Aparatus are available in our system.Also we are using 1000's serie of bristle cord is fixed between two profiles and bottom/top sides as exterior&interior parts.

The profiles have to form with a special drain-board,which we are fixed inside of the glass it's calling as "Baza".Thereby,the failling is not entered into system,it's provides to discharge directly.This is very important for the water insulation,which is used in the system for double locks of mecanism is for your security. Which is using between two profiles as bristle cord can be get the whip hand for the water ,noise,dust and dirty proof insulations.

The installation/montage can make by our specialist personnel date of order follow-up latest within 15-20 days.Installation term can be change according to the building and m2.This system also provides from each both sides of insulation.

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